Friday, July 31, 2015

Home Alone

There is a heavy silence following every single one of my slow steps as I spend some time alone with my thoughts. Each moment carries the weight of a quiet dance of silence and shadows, muted and diluted in this intimate solitude. I fearlessly dissect fading memories, archives of dread and sorrow in shades of blue and grey. Sometimes, I feel like an old broken piano: out of tune yet still played by strangers just for the sake of amusement. My ramblings keep me company in this harboured retreat and that's comforting. It doesn't even matter if it's dawn or dusk. Meanwhile, I let my nails, now perinwinkle coloured, dry.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Hometown Hunt: La Peniche

When I stumbled upon Eventbrite - a great place to find, create and manage events (and also a platform where I save my must-go events before I forget about them) - I was excited to contribute to their Hometown Hunt project, which asked me to share/suggest my favourite spot or event in Dublin. Hence, I accepted the challenge and picked one of this city's best kept secrets. Mind you, nobody paid me to sugarcoat my personal experience, what you see is what you get. I had the opportunity to go on a canal cruise for the first time ever in Dublin and let me tell you, it was a Wes Anderson-looking dream come true kind of experience! The moment I stepped into that lovely barge I knew I was in for a treat. La Peniche is a charming floating restaurant where one would find a fusion between French-inspired cuisine and some good old Irish grub, also offering evening cruises - and if it's a sunny day, you can pig out and drink gallons of Sauvignon Blanc on deck. There's a distinctive Titanic-meets-houseboat vibe once you sit down and enjoy your boat ride from your velvet seat, while the captain speaks. 

Regarding the menu... You're probably wondering where are the bloody food pics. I couldn't even think about neglecting my meal for a second and fetch my camera to snap a few food shots. Sorry! You will have to imagine, I suppose. So, I had a duck & brandy paté with quince jelly, which was scrumptious, to say the least, but the cheese and charcuterie platter stole the show. Starters were definitely an early climax. Main course was meh: beef bourguignon with more mushrooms than meat didn't really meet my expectations but hey, it can't all be perfect, and I'm not even a big stew lover anyway. The dessert made up for it though - delicious Baileys cheesecake with raspberry coulis. You can't go wrong with that. The ultimate winner, however, was the yummy crusty bread, straight out of the oven. Never underestimate the power of bread and butter.

The atmosphere was cosy and the ambience romantic and not too over-the-top-fancy. Dining afloat sounds like fun, huh? If you're looking for something different, unique, special or just an evening to remember, you can make it a memorable dining experience on the Grand Canal - and you will surely impress/surprise your date, if that's the case. The restaurant is on the barge MV Riasc (riasc means marsh in Irish), moored on the Grand Canal alongside Mespil Road. And yes, they accept credit card.

Friday, July 10, 2015

What's been keeping me away from blogging more often

I always find an excuse to dress like a flapper.

I've missed a Grand Budapest Hotel themed party and I can't forgive myself for that. However, I have been a social animal every now and then, when my mood allows so. Friends, acquaintances, strangers... There is room for everyone. Only for short periods of time, obviously. It can be pretty exhausting, this dealing-with-people-thing.

Consumption and preparation of food makes one a busy bee. Currently obsessing over garlicky sweet potatoes, tzatziki, falafels, hummus, mozarella and sweet chili sauce. No wonder the food is what I miss the most about my country.

It's happening: I am learning Irish! Just for the craic. And for the challenge, of course. Being able to understand only a little bit of this dead language will feel like communicating in High Valyrian! But it's SO. FUCKING. DIFFICULT.

Posing with direwolves to make up for the GOT ending is always a good idea. It's Summer and I'm still wearing tights!

DUBLIN PRIDE was all things fabulous and uplifting! The LGBTQ Pride Village in Merrion Square was just like Wonderland. Rainbows, unicorns and a high of hope made people feel like Ireland is now a more tolerant and open-minded nation.

Friday, June 26, 2015

Things I love about Dublin

The seaside breeze, the loud sound of seagulls, the fluffy foxes crossing the street at night, the lack of snobbery, the rain used as watercolour to intensify the green seen in the moss, the colours clashing and mismatching, the urine-sprinkled alleyways, the witty street art, a Pantone rainbow of Georgian doors, the post-pub chit-chat with the cabbie, the smell of cherries and strawberries for 1 euro a box in Mary Street, the pretty barges along the canal, the balance between cobble and brick, that cosy fireplace where you least expect, the sunset swallowed by the mountains and muted by mist… and of course the greasy smell of rashers and white pudding invading the morning glory with its fry-up splendor. 

I've been building a relationship with this city since I've moved here and now that the novelty wore off, my passion for Dublin remains. 6 months are not nearly enough to get to know every corner and every best kept secret of this dirty old town but I've been doing a great job at getting more intimate with its nooks and crannies, the neighbourhoods, the lifestyle. I like to believe this is the place to be, where I can evolve as a person, getting inspired, feeling free to be myself, seeking entertainment among strangers and friends. I call Dublin home now, and I'm still in love with this city - hopefully it won't cease to surprise me - so I guess that the best is yet to come.
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